600kw Grid Tie At Strathmore University

The 600 kW Grid Connected Solar PV rooftop was completed and commissioned in June 2014. This project now caters for all the electricity needs of the university and excess power is sold to the national grid under the signed power purchase agreement (PPA) with Kenya Power. The system is a pilot for electricity net metering in Kenya and serves as a showcase for practical training of professionals, solar technicians and students. The system is also the biggest commercially viable rooftop solar PV system in Kenya so far.

 10 kW solar hybrid system

With GIZ’s Pro-solar program support SERC has commissioned a 10kW carport hybrid solar/ diesel grid connected system in the University. This system not only provides additional energy but is incorporated for use in the training of solar technicians

 1.6 kW solar standalone system in Wasini Island

In collaboration with GIZ and the Kwale county government, a 1.6 kW solar battery power plant was designed for installation in Wasini Island in 2014. The aim of the project was to provide the community access to electricity and media (cell phone charging, solar lights and internet) and special needs (deep freezer).

This power plant now provides a source of income for the Wasini island community through phone charging, internet café, photocopying and printing services, selling of cold drinks

Solar Pico-PV research project

SERC is collaborating with the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NaCoSTI) in carrying out research on the replacement of kerosene lighting systems in the rural areas of Kenya with solar Pico-PV products.

Under this project, SERC is distributing 500, 7W Fosera solar home systems to households in 10 counties in Kenya.

PEER Project

Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER)funded by USAID in partnership with GIZ and SERC are championing the development and implementation of the solar PV outreach training module for capacity building of Technical Training Institutes and equipping them to conduct T1, T2 training.

Solar street lighting in Kakuma refugee camp

In collaboration with GIZ, A field study was carried out so as to assess the number of street lights required and the best places to install them in Kakuma.  The aim was to provide a detailed plan including GPS coordinates for envisaged street lighting. Assess the viability of solar standalone street lights, conduct risk analysis and provide recommendations on the most suitable approach for each specific area of the detailed bill of quantities and cost estimates to enable GIZ SIF to decide on the most relevant approach and the financial dimensions of the solar street lights to be procured and installed.




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