SERC is accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) and recognized by the Energy Regulatory commission to offer Training, Project Development and international Standard Laboratory testing services on Solar PV components. The energy field in Kenya suffers a deficiency of skilled personnel qualified to design, install and effectively maintain modern energy systems. SERC is bridging this gap by providing solar technician and energy efficiency training courses. To date, more than 600 engineers have been trained from training sessions that have been organized at our solar laboratory.

Number of Training Programs Offered

  • T1/T2 Solar PV course.
  • T3 Grid tie Solar PV course
  • T3 Hybrid Solar PV course
  • Certified Energy Manager Training (CEM).
  • Energy Management Training.
  • Factory Operators Training.

Solar PV Product Testing

Strathmore Solar Testing Laboratory (SSTL) is a quality assurance laboratory for solar PV products sponsored by GIZ. We test solar PV modules, charge controllers, luminaires and batteries for pico PV systems and are currently working towards being ISO 17025 accredited. Upon ISO 17025 accreditation, we would be able to offer tests as per the international standard IEC/TS 62257-9-5.

We envision provision of global certification in conjunction with Kenya Bureau of Standards. We work together with Fraunhofer ISE Testing Laboratory in Germany, Schatz Energy Research Center in the USA, TERI Solar Lighting Laboratory in India, Lighting Global and the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association. Other partners are Lighting Global and GOGLA.
In Kenya, we have partnered with the Kenya Renewable Energy Association to provide voluntary accreditation tests for private sector companies dealing with PV components.

Project Development

We offer project development services in the design, development and implementation of both renewable and conventional energy projects. Due to the low efficiency of energy expertise in East Africa SERC provides professional and technical project development services by consolidating a pool of local and international experts from various fields who will apply their unique skills in providing solutions for energy-related problems in the region.


SERC intends to carve out a niche as an applied technology center where RETs are researched on, tested and adapted to local conditions. As a research center, SERC develops methods and evaluates current trends in the implementation of RETs with an aim of improving existing knowledge and practices. In addition, SERC offers programs to enable trainees and clients set up renewable energy pilot projects, social and economic analysis, develop research papers and evaluate prototype performance.



Contact Details

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