Aug 3, 2016

Training of KTDA Factory Management Team on Energy Management

The Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Ltd. (KTDA) processes tea grown by small-scale farmers. It owns and operates 66 tea processing facilities around the country. Tea production is an energy intensive process with energy costs constituting up to 30% of the total production costs. Energy efficiency is therefore a major opportunity to cut production costs in the tea industry. In addition, the Energy Management Regulations, 2012 mandates designated facilities to put in place management systems to conserve energy.

On this basis, SERC recently successfully completed training of 132 KTDA senior factory management staff. The training was designed to give the managers a broad view of the impact of energy efficiency on both the environment and business performance of their factories. Additionally, the training also aimed to ensure that there is a cohesive approach to energy management right from the top management to the floor personnel who deal with operational and maintenance matters on a daily basis.  The training objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness of the compliance requirements of the Energy Management Regulations as gazetted by ERC in 2012
  • Elaborate on the role of factory managers in energy management
  • Present opportunities available to factories for energy conservation
  • Present sustainable implementation strategies for energy efficiency projects

The training was carried out in four sessions running from 28th June 2016 to 15th July 2016. These sessions were based on a participatory learning approach which included group discussions and plenary sessions. A survey carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, observed that over 90% of the respondents were satisfied and optimistic that the training would enhance their performance.



Note: The training was partly sponsored by the GIZ implemented Powering Agriculture program ( under a 2 year cooperation agreement with SERC. Other activities to be implemented include technical training of Regional Engineers and energy audits of the tea factories.



This training forms part of the bigger collaboration GIZ-Powering Agriculture and SERC has with Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) following 4 energy audits in KTDA factories that were carried out in 2014 by SERC and ETP.

ETP is a not-for- profit membership organization that has been working with tea producers and tea companies to improve the sustainability of the tea industry.


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