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About SERC

Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) offers professional training, project development and technical research in the renewable sector.

Since 2012 SERC has trained more than a thousand technicians and implemented various innovative pilot projects to bring renewable energy to its rightful place in Africa.

News & Events

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Strathmore Energy Research Center (SERC) launched the first Solar Water Pumping Course in East Africa

SERC has partnered with EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), Oxfam, International Organization for Migration (IOM)and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to roll out a course on solar water pumping.

Solar water pumps are commonly used to generate water for crop irrigation and domestic
consumption. Agriculture is a key enabler of the economic development in Kenya. The success
of other sectors - like export and manufacturing - is directly intertwined to agriculture.

Strathmore’s T3 Grid Tie Course Students Learn About The Vitals When Implementing Grid-Connected Solar PV Projects

Recently our solar students were joined by Simon Graaff the General Manager of Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) Kenya, to learn more about the intricacies of good practice when it comes to implementing a successful grid-connected solar PV project.


Open Africa Power – Partnership in Education towards Africa’s Clean Energy Future

Africa’s clean energy future is getting momentum as electricity access is accelerating and increasingly coming from renewable sources. However, in 2016, an overwhelming 48% of the African population still lacked access to electricity. Alongside the efforts indicated by IEA to provide electricity for all by 2030, a key element in the race from poverty to prosperity in Africa, is indeed education.

PEER Workshop

Strathmore Energy Research Centre in partnership with USAID under the Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Program, organized a two-day workshop for the technical training institutes (TTIs) on solar PV marketing which was held on the 9th and 10th of November 2017 at the Strathmore Business School.



Five things the new government should do to help Kenya meet its energy needs

Without energy there would be no electricity to support the economic, social or political growth of any country. But to make it a real enabler of growth, there needs to be enough of it and it must be clean, affordable and reliable.

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