SERC offers services for design, development and implementation of both renewable and conventional energy projects. Due to the low efficiency of energy expertise in East Africa, SERC provides professional and technical project development services by consolidating a pool of local and international experts from various fields who will apply their unique skills in providing solutions for energy-related problems in the region. In the past years, SERC has been able to offer technical and logistic support for various development projects.


1.6 kWp Solar Startup Center on Wasini Island
In collaboration with the Kwale county government, a 1.6 kWp Solar battery power system was installed in the community building of Wasini Island. The aim of the pilot project was to provide access to electricity and communications and a source of income through phone charging, internet, photocopying and selling of cold drinks. The second objective of the pilot project was capacity building. Local craftsmen who were hired during the construction also received Solar PV training.


NCF Project for Marsabit County
SERC has partnered with Hame University of Applied Sciences and UN Habitat in providing a capacity development plan for sustainable construction, energy efficiency in buildings and implementation of renewable energies in Marsabit County. The study was submitted to the Nordic Climate Facility. It is addressing climate resilience in the building and energy sector in Northern Kenya, offering marketable sustainable solutions in low cost housing, access to energy and reduction of C02 emissions. SERC will come into play by developing viable energy solutions for these housing establishments as well as local capacity building through solar PV training.


Talek Mini Grid

Talek town is the largest settlement in the world famous Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. As part of their East African ProSolar Program, the German Development Cooperation financed a PV hybrid powered mini grid system that provides the town centre with electricity. SERC designed a proprietary GSM based data logging system that  was installed to monitor the power generation and total energy consumption. SERC also held  community lectures about electrical safety and energy saving. A group of local technicians participated in a professional PV course and were trained as maintenance personnel. See gallery.


VESTAS Corporate Social Responsibility Training – Capacity building
In August 2016, Vestas Wind Systems sponsored 17 technicians from Marsabit to undertake solar PV training for T1, T2 at Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC). This was part of Vestas’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to enhance employable skills for social and economic empowerment. One of the goals of Vestas CSR is to help local communities to generate their own income through self-employment and entrepreneurship.


KWS Kisite Ranger Outpost

The Mpungti Island outpost is used by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to patrol the Kistite Marine Park and Natur Reserve area. To appreciate the protective work of the KWS, Strathmore Energy donated a small 200 Watt PV system for the outpost. Officers on duty can now use basic electrical utilities like lighting, television, cell phone and radio charging.  As with all SERC pilots, the project was accompanied by a Solar PV training for a group of KWS officers who were also actively involved in the installation of the PV system. See gallery.