PV hybrid power systems play an essential role in rural electrification and as power backups. SERC labs provde a 14kWp PV/genset demonstrational hybrid system which can be operated in battery storage or fuel saver configuration. The theoretical part includes a comprehensive discussion of all major reneweable and conventional energy sources. Participants will learn all planning steps by designing and calculating their own PV hybrid systems.


-Diploma in electrical or electronics and intermediate Solar training and advanced Solar training
-4 years of verifiable Solar installation experience
-Higher national diploma and 2 years of verifiable Solar installation experience
-BSc electrical engineering or relevant degree and 2 years of verifiable Solar installation experience
-T3 (Grid Tie) certificates from a recognized institution.
-Good command of MS Word, MS Excel an internet browsing

Target Group

The course is open to but not limited to energy system designers, engineers and installers, project developers, vocational instructors, Vendors, O&M technicians, Solar companies.

Course Duration

Five days of full-time lecturer- student contact and 15 days eLearning (eLearning services available after payment for the course).

Fee Kes 70,000/per participant